Do you want to buy or sell a car? We can help!

Jumia Car is an online vehicle sales platform operating in Nigeria that gives car buyers easy and quick access to the best vehicles available for sale in Nigeria from many different trusted and certified dealers across the country that offer a wide range of both new and used vehicles. On the other hand, Jumia Car also offers vehicle sellers the fastest possible way of selling their cars by providing every detailed information buyers need to reach out to the sellers.

Jumia Car has grown to be one of Nigeria’s leading online vehicle marketplaces, displaying vehicles from all regions within the country. Starting with under 500 vehicle listings, that number has grown to well over 32,000 vehicle listings from every region in Nigeria and has been awarded by Nigeria’s Communications Week as Nigeria’s automobile portal of the year 2015. With our very young, vibrant and intelligent team, we ensure that all our customer’s needs are met, and go further by requesting feedback from our customers, which in turn help us to improve our services.

Car Buyer Advantages

  • Jumia Car offers a wide range of up to date listings.
  • Jumia Car provides detailed information such as vehicle prices, seller contact details and etc.
  • Jumia Car is secured and fraud free website.

Car Seller Advantages

  • Jumia Car guarantees fastest way to sell vehicles.
  • Jumia Car website is simple and easy to upload car for sale.
  • Jumia Car website has many visitors on the daily basis.

Visit our website: www.car.jumia.com.ng