Here’s How You Can Track Every Movement Of Your Car


If you own a personal car which is usually in the care of a driver, a fleet of vehicle for company use, or trucks for transporting goods, you have probably wondered just how your drivers behave when they are in possession of your vehicles. We wonder no more, this could be your solution.

There is a way to know for sure, and not just wonder how your vehicles are being handled. It’s Concept Nova’s array of tracking solutions! Concept Nova offers you a variety of solutions for your different vehicle tracking needs.

You can have all the vital data about your fleet at your fingertips with Concept Nova’s Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

Whether you own one or two vehicles for family use; a small fleet of vehicles for employee use; or a large fleet to transport goods, it is important to optimize the use of your vehicles in order to make sure that they’re not constituting a huge loss of money for your business.

Why Choose Concept Nova’s vehicle tracking solutions?

  • The best technology 

Concept Nova’s vehicle tracking solutions use state of the art telematics technology to keep you informed of the location and state of your vehicle at all times. Real time fleet management at your finger tips, while increasing efficiency, and cutting costs.

Regular functions of a Vehicle Tracking device combined with cutting edge technology, is what makes even the most minute details of every vehicle in your fleet available to you from your internet connected device.

  • Extremely affordable Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Concept Nova offers the best technology at unbeatable prices, keeping you informed and helping you optimize your company’s logistics to improve productivity, all at extremely affordable prices.

  • Versatile solutions

Concept Nova offers different options for all your vehicle tracking needs; Tikon 2.0 is suitable for singular vehicle monitoring, while Track and Trace and Advance Track and Trace are suitable for fleet management.



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