5 Tips For Driving Safely In The Rain


Raining season in Nigeria is no joke! It’s almost as if the country comes to a halt when it rains. Traffic becomes worst, DSTV starts acting up, even your cellphone reception becomes shoddy. Some might say, this is the best time to curl up in a ball and watch a good movie ’til you fall asleep. But if you’re like the rest of us unlucky people, and have to get work done then you’ll probably still need to drive around and run errands in during these heavy downpours. Here are 5 important tips to keep you dafe while you drive in the rain.

  1. Turn on your headlights. Most people turn their wipers on but many forget to turn on their headlights. As a rule of thumb, your headlights should always be on when/if your wipers are on.
  2. Slow down. Road signs are made for normal driving conditions, and as you know, heavy rain is not normal driving condition. So you need to be extra aware of speed limits and road signs when you’re driving in the rain.
  3. Avoid hydroplaning by driving slow. Hydroplaning occurs when  your tires glide on the residual water on the road instead of the road itself. This will cause your car to slide uncontrollably.
  4. Turn off your cruise control. This is a nifty feature than some newer cars have but did you know that on a wet road, cruise control can make you lose control? Yes cruise control can help you maintain a certain speed, but if your car hydroplanes while in cruise control, you will actually go faster.
  5. Inspect your windshield wipers. Functioning wipers are super important and without them, driving in the rain would be a disaster. Have you ever gone swimming with no goggles? Yeah, it would go something like that. You can clean your rubber wipers by rubbing the blade with rubbing alcohol. But if you notice any cracks then it’s time to buy a new pair.

Do you practice any of these tips? Share some of yours with us!


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