Here’s How You Can Track Every Movement Of Your Car


If you own a personal car which is usually in the care of a driver, a fleet of vehicle for company use, or trucks for transporting goods, you have probably wondered just how your drivers behave when they are in possession of your vehicles. We wonder no more, this could be your solution.

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5 Tips For Driving Safely In The Rain


Raining season in Nigeria is no joke! It’s almost as if the country comes to a halt when it rains. Traffic becomes worst, DSTV starts acting up, even your cellphone reception becomes shoddy. Some might say, this is the best time to curl up in a ball and watch a good movie ’til you fall asleep. But if you’re like the rest of us unlucky people, and have to get work done then you’ll probably still need to drive around and run errands in during these heavy downpours. Here are 5 important tips to keep you dafe while you drive in the rain.

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How to choose between Diesel or a petrol car


Most times when you’re faced with the decision to buy a car, it’s usually dependent on a couple factors, price being the most common factor. But how about engine type? Have you ever been faced with the choice of a diesel engine vs a petrol engine and was just stumped? Here’s the break down of what you’re getting with either option.  Continue reading “How to choose between Diesel or a petrol car”

The truth about oil change


If you’ve ever been under the assumption that you need to change your oil regularly, we’re here to tell you the truth! We don’t want you spending unnecessary money but we want you to enjoy your car to the max. Most car owners believe that after 3000 miles, it’s best to change your oil, but this is not only inconvenient but it is also wasteful, and often more expensive in the long run. Here’s exactly how we feel about frequent oil changes and your car.

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