Do’s and don’ts of car washing


Washing your car is probably one of your favourite chores and rightfully so, this is your prized possession! But you may have been doing it all wrong. Yes, sounds pretty intense, but there is an art to car washing and we’re here to share these tricks with you. Keep reading to find out the do’s and don’ts of car washing.

Don’t use old clothes or t-shirts

For best results with your car washes, stay away from materials that are not suitable for car washing. Materials such as old t-shirts can easily scratch the body of  your car and ruin your paint job. Also remember to remove any metal hanging jewellery or jackets with metal zippers that can easily scratch against the body of the car while washing.  It’s also a good idea to remove any jackets with a metal zip or button before washing.

Do use the proper car cleaning tools

Old t-shirts or bed sheets are just not good enough. How about you invest in a special set of car cleaning tools dedicated exclusively to your car detailing. This will ensure your paint job is safeguarded against wear and tear and accidental abrasion. Invest in a microfibre cloth, a pressure washer and possibly a wheel brusher and you’ll be on your way to a more professional car cleaning job.

Don’t let your car air dry

It’s hard enough work getting your car washed then rinsed, so we don’t blame you when you think the job ends after rinsing. Unfortunately it doesn’t. We advise you take the extra step to dry off your car with another cloth. Allowing your car to naturally air dry will cause water marks to form which are usually more difficult to remove than dirt.

Do use a towel or chamois to dry your car

The best and safest way to dry your car is to use a microfibre towel to dry and wipe away all the excess water from the body of the car. Be sure to use a long figure 8 motion as you wipe, this will leave your car shiny and showroom ready.

Don’t use standard household cleaners

Dish washing liquid may be your go to solution for removing grease and dirt from your forks and knives, but it will severely damage your paint job. Don’t be tempted to use household cleaners on your car. They are not formulated for cars and will very easily damage the the protective wax layer of your car exterior.

Do you have any tips and tricks for washing your car? Share them with us!



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