8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Car


2017 is officially the year of the woke woman! Yes we just came up with that, so what? Ok but seriously, we’re just here to share the knowledge because as we all know knowledge is power. So in essence, we’re only doing our civic duty by sharing with all our lady readers these 8 important things we think all women should know about their cars!

1. How to fill your tires with air

You may notice that your tire pressure is low, don’t procrastinate, fill it up ASAP. You can simply head to the nearest petrol station or  better yet a “vulcaniser”. If possible, invest in a portable air compressor that can fit in your car, this will save you from a panic attack  if your tire is ever flat on a lonely street at night. Be sure to keep an eye on the tires that needed air- this could be a sign of a possible leak or puncture.

2. How to check your tire pressure

Now this is just as important as filling your tires with air, because if you’re able to check for tire pressure, you may be able to also prevent some air leaks. Note that it is dangerous to drive with under inflated or over inflated tires, so being able to gauge this properly is a must for every woman. Some cars may have an inbuilt system to allow you see the recommended tire pressure levels for both front and back tries. Alternatively, you can also check your tire pressure by using a tire pressure gauge or again heading to the nearest petrol station.

3. How to refill your windshield washer fluid

You’re probably used to your driver or bae helping you out with this, but ladies it’s easier than you think! There’s nothing worse, and probably dangerous than driving with a dirty windshield only to notice you’re out of wiper fluid. Be sure to check on this regularly, to know when you are in need of a top up.

4. How to check your oil

Frequent oil checks are important to maintain the health of not only your car engine but also to save you some serious cash! Now checking your oil and changing your oil are two different things. While it would probably be fantastic if you knew how to change your oil, ladies we think it’s probably more important if you know how to simply check your oil. Why would I need to check my oil you say? Well, for one-  to see if it needs to be changed or if there’s anything wrong with it. And two- obviously, if you’re in need of a refill or top-up.

5. How to change a tire

Among all the other things we think ladies should know about their car, this is probably the most important. You’d be a total bad ass if you get this hang of this too! You may never have to do this on your own but the thought that you know this will give you so much confidence anytime you’re out on the road.

6. What each danger sign means

Did you know that by simply knowing what the different lights and sounds mean could save your engine or even your life? This may seem like a daunting task but it’s important to pay attention to every little detail in your car. It quite simply could be the difference between life and death.

7. How to turn your hazard lights on

This may sound funny to you but it’s super important. Your hazard lights are what brings attention to your car when you are in need of help and in the dark. Your “double trafficator” as it is fondly called in this part of the world, allows other road users to know that you are in distress. It is important to identify where the button for the hazard lights are before you start driving off, especially if this is a car you are unfamiliar with. The last thing you want to be looking for during a stressful situation is your hazard light button.

8. How to open the hood of your car

Well just for the simple fact that this is the power house of your car, every woman should know how to pop the hood of her car. This is where you’ll be checking your oil and so many other things so it’s important to know how and where the lever is. This may differ from car to car so be sure to get very acquainted with your owners manual.

Ladies, if these tips save you some cash and are able go towards a fab pair of shoes, then our work here is done!


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