6 Easy Car Repairs You Don’t Need A Mechanic For

car-repair-362150_1280.jpgLet’s face it, car repairs can be daunting and expensive. And unless you love getting your hands dirty or are a professional mechanic, paying someone to fix your car will always be bae. But we’re here to tell you that there are some pretty basic repairs you can do yourself to save money and are not as complicated as you thought. Sound interesting? Keep reading.

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Do’s and don’ts of car washing


Washing your car is probably one of your favourite chores and rightfully so, this is your prized possession! But you may have been doing it all wrong. Yes, sounds pretty intense, but there is an art to car washing and we’re here to share these tricks with you. Keep reading to find out the do’s and don’ts of car washing.

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8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Car


2017 is officially the year of the woke woman! Yes we just came up with that, so what? Ok but seriously, we’re just here to share the knowledge because as we all know knowledge is power. So in essence, we’re only doing our civic duty by sharing with all our lady readers these 8 important things we think all women should know about their cars!

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How To Deal With Driving Anxiety

Chapa_traffic_jam_in_Maputo_(9717216968)There’s no denying that it takes a special skill and immense grace to drive around in Nigeria and remain sane. For some, it comes innate while others have to master the artful skill of dodging and weaving through belligerent danfo drivers and the infamous keke na pep rough riders. If the mere thought of these aforementioned road users is less than appealing to you, we’ve got some super easy ways you can reduce your anxiety and enjoy your daily commute on our Nigerian roads! Keep reading to find out more.

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