How Can I Tell If I Need New Brakes?


Have your brakes started making unrecognisable sounds and squeals? If so, you may be due for a new set of brake pads. This is not the time to do what we do best and ‘manage’. So take these signs seriously and visit your nearest mechanic for new brake pads or rotors if you start noticing any of these signs.


If your car has started having a mind of its own and pulls to one side while you’re braking, this may mean that the brake lining is wearing off. It could also spell bigger issues like foreign matter being present in the break fluid. Consider having the oil changed or getting a brake assessment.


That sound you hear, is the sound of a brake pad that has been completely and severely worn out, usually to the point of no return. The precautions for not paying attention to this one are particularly dire so do not compromise.


If your brakes are not as responsive as they once were and the pedal has started sinking to the floor this may mean that there is a leak in the braking system. This could either be in the form of air leak or brake fluid leak. A common indicator of brake fluid leak is the little presents of small puddles of what resembles motor oil bur more slimy.



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