4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Car Cool


Raining seasoning seems like it was non existent and while we enjoy the sun at the beach and pool parties, the one place you don’t want to feel the heat is in your car. So keep reading to find out 4 easy ways for you to keep cool and stay cool in your car this dry season.

Park in the shade

It’s so easy to just look for the next available parking spot, especially when they are scarce. But be sure to scout specifically for parking spots underneath a tree or some sort of shade. If you are parking for an extended period of time, consider parking somewhere that will receive some shade when the sun goes down. This way, by the time you are ready to leave, your car would be nice and cool.

Invest in a windshield sun shade

They may not look like much, or very pretty even, but they get the job done and totally worth it. Since the windshield is the widest window on your car, most of the heat from the sun passes through here. So blocking the largest heat inducer will ultimately guarantee a cooler car on the hottest day.

Crack a window

If you’re sure it’s not going to rain anytime soon and your car is parked in a secure environment, it’s perfectly ok to leave one or two windows slightly open. When you leave your windows open ever so slightly, the car will have better airflow hence hot air will not settle.

Tint your windows

Now we know you need proper documentation for this so this advice is only for those who have this. A well tinted window will reduce the amount of sun rays that penetrate your car. The tints act as a shield or a block for your car against a percentage of the sun rays. You’ll definitely enjoy a cooler car after your car has had a hot day out in the sun.
Do you do anything special to protect your car from the heat? Let us know!


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