5 Easy Ways To Show Your Car Love


Valentine’s Day has come and gone but we’re still in the mood for love. Your faithful car is always there for you and rarely asks for much. Getting you from Mainland to Island and all over the lands. But what do you do for it? Show some love to your car this season with these tips with love from Jumia Car.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or beyond, show some TLC to your car, it will surely love you back.

  • Be sure to routinely schedule a tune-up to optimize your car’s performance. When your car engine is well-tuned, it will deliver the best performance. Not to mention less emission, so you’re helping the environment.That’s pretty cool.
  • Don’t bury your owner’s manual at the bottom of your glove compartment. Be sure to change the oil filter as required by the owner’s manual. This will help keep your engine clean on the inside. 
  • This may seem very mundane, but make sure you check the tire pressure at least monthly. Be sure to also check the pressure of the spares. Your car’s tires have a great effect on the way your car rides. It also has a vast effect on your cars handling, traction and safety. 
  • Make it a habit to inspect the windshield wipers and lights on your car. It’s easy to overlook but your lights and wipers play a huge role in being safe on the road.
  • Get your wheels aligned annually. Our roads around Nigeria are not easy on your car and your car’s steering and suspension  takes a major beating during the year. It’s importance to do a regular wheel alignment because it reduces your tire wear and sweetest of all, improves fuel economy of your car.  

We hope you enjoyed these 5 tips and spend some TLC on your car as soon as possible. Love your car and it will love you right back!


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