5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Car Lovers


It’s officially the season of heart shaped everything and all things love.If you’re crazy about your significant other and your significant other is  crazy about cars, then we have a way to combine these two things to bring the perfect Valentine’s day gift. Keep reading to find out our 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for car lovers.

A Remote Car Starter

Ever tried to get into your car after it’s been sitting under the sun for hours? The heat, the burning on your thighs, it’s not a pretty sight. But with a remote car starter, you can literally step into a cool car even on the hottest day. Seriously, what could be better than that? Make sure you purchase a car starter that is compatible with the kind of car your gift recipient drives and go the extra mile to plan for installation, too.

Bluetooth Headset or Adapter

If your bae is a car lover or someone who spends a lot of time driving, this is the perfect gift. A Bluetooth speaker or adapter allows you and bae to talk all you want with each othr on the phone while keeping both hands on the wheel and both of you free from LASTMA wahala.

It’s All In The Detail 

Literally…get baes car detailed. Go all out this Valentine’s Day for your bae with a thorough car detailing job. This is a winner and you’ll be able to brag about this for as long as the car remains in pristine condition.

Repair The Dent 

This may come as a surprise to you but every car lover knows every scratch and every dent on his or her car and where and when it happened. Here’s your chance to give bae’s whip a new lease on life by having these small dents and scratched removed.

Put It In A Gift Basket 

Let’s face it, buying car maintenance items like engine oil, windshield washer fluid, windshield wipers and cleaning supplies aren’t the most exciting shopping list items ever. But consider putting them all in a cute little basket and wrapping them up and you have the ultimate gift basket for every car lover!

Are you shopping for a Valentine gift for a car lover? Send us some of your suggestions for gift items!


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