5 Mistakes Every First Time Buyer Makes


Buying a car for the first time comes with mixed emotions. From happiness, to relief, and occasionally, confusion. But what happens when it starts getting scary. Thanks to Jumia Cars, it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to find out the 5 scary decisions first time car buyers often make and see how you can easily avoid them.

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5 Easy Ways To Show Your Car Love


Valentine’s Day has come and gone but we’re still in the mood for love. Your faithful car is always there for you and rarely asks for much. Getting you from Mainland to Island and all over the lands. But what do you do for it? Show some love to your car this season with these tips with love from Jumia Car.

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5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Car Lovers


It’s officially the season of heart shaped everything and all things love.If you’re crazy about your significant other and your significant other is  crazy about cars, then we have a way to combine these two things to bring the perfect Valentine’s day gift. Keep reading to find out our 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for car lovers.

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