Shop Like A Pro With These 5 Hacks On Jumia Car App


Have you ever stopped to think about how much power is stored away in your tiny little smartphone?  Yup. It’s so powerful it can even help you find your next car on With over 30,000 car listings and a number of tools to tailor your search by location, car model, year and even price, car shopping no longer needs to be stressful. Here are our five hack to maximize your car shopping experience through the Jumia Car app.

Filter your search 

If you already have a car in mind then get ready to sit back and watch your phone do some technological magic. You can filter for your dream car by make, model, year, price, location, condition (new or used), mileage, transmission (manual or automatic), fuel, seller and of course color! No matter how niche your search may be, if it’s out there, you’ll find it on the Jumia Car

Save your searches

After fine-tuning the filters and narrowing down what you’re looking for, save that search by clicking the star icon on the top of the page. You can either ask to be notified when new cars are added or come back later to check for new cars that fit your search criteria.

Price-Drop Notifications for Favorited Cars

The app notifies you when a seller lowers the price on a car picked as a favorite. All you have to do is click the star icon on the listing, which adds it to the favorites list, then enable “Price Drop Notifications.” It’s a great way to keep tabs on a particular car that might start out of your price range but drops a week or two later.

Search Nearby Dealer Lots

This is a great feature on the Jumia Car app which allows you to search for cars close to you. Yes, the grass may be greener on the other side, or in your case, the cars may be cheaper on the other side. So don’t limit yourself. Search for cars by location all across Nigeria.

Compare Other Cars Prices

Once you save your searches, your Jumia Car app can help you easily compare prices of other cars you may be interested in. This makes your search process so much easier and faster. No need for multiple tabs or struggling to memorise prices of the previous cars you’ve seen.




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