10 Commandments For A Cleaner Car


Has your car turned into your home away from home? We’re talking, closet, kitchen, living room., the works. Between your work commute, gym, running errands, a lot of time is spent in your car daily. So it’s no surprise that our cars get a little bit crazy through all this. Lucky for you, we have 10 easy commandments even the laziest of drivers can follow for a cleaner ride!

1. Thou shalt not eat in the car, ever

Let’s face it, we all have crazy schedules. You’re out of the house before the sun even rises and breakfast is the most important meal of the day for crying out loud. So when are you supposed to eat? Whatever you do, avoid eating in your car. You’ll be saving yourself from unnecessary stains, spills, crumbs and grease spots that will surely follow.

2. Thou shalt shake off dirty shoes before entering

This is especially important during the raining season. Endeavour not to enter your car with dirty shoes and the same goes for passengers. You’ll save yourself a lot of car wash fees down the line and your car can stay newer for longer.

3. Thou shalt keep a trash bag handy in the car

You probably already do this and if you don’t you should! Have a plastic bag handy where you can dump all the trash you accumulate during your journey. This is so much better than littering along the road as your drive.

4. Thou shalt honor thy glove compartment

Your glove compartment is not just for keeping all the possible paper works and unexpected junk that Road Safety officers could possibly ask for. Consider storing cleaning wipes, tissue boxes or extra air fresheners in your glove compartment and you’ll be ready for whatever happens on your road journey.

5. Thou shalt vacuum regularly

We’re in the thick of hammartan season and as you know, simply shaking off your floor mats just doesn’t get the job done. Alternatively, you could give your car a monthly vacuum session to ensure your cars interior remains crumb and dust-free.

6. Do not neglect thine car wash

Do yourself a favor please, get to your car wash! This should be a monthly treat for your car.

7. Thou shalt clean up messes quickly

This is a no brainer. To preserve the life of your interior, just clean and spills or stains as they happen. It will prevent these spills from becoming permanent stains.

8. Thou shalt throw out trash daily

When you stop to fill your tank or even park your car after you get home make it a habit to empty your car of any trash you may have accumulated.

9. Thou shalt wax thy exterior; sporadically

If you love your car as much as we love ours, you’ll spend a little extra cash at the car wash and treat your car to a wax at least twice a year. It not only protects  your car from exterior scratches and blemishes, it’ll also keep the body shiny and free from dirt.

10. Thou shalt park in a garage, whenever possible

This is especially hard in Lagos but if you’re lucky enough to live in a flat or house with a garage please take advantage of it. Yes trees offer shade but they also come with a few unexpecteds. Like falling branches or bird poop. Eww!


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