Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip This Season

Preparing for a road trip this season? Don’t go anywhere until you check your car breaks. A well functioning brake helps ensure safe car driving. If you suspect there is something wrong, see your mechanic. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  1. Light: If the brake light is illuminated on your car dashboard, see your mechanic.
  2. Vibration: Does your brake vibrate or pulse when you step on the brake? You may need new rotors.
  3. Hard Pedal: You seem to apply strong pressure before the brake engages. It might be the brake booster, visit your mechanic as soon as possible to confirm
  4. Noise: When applying your brakes you hear a loud screeching or squeaking noise. It could mean that your brakes may need replacement as it may be hitting the rotor. If the noise you hear is grinding, it means your brake pad is non-existent. Stop driving and have a mechanic come check the brakes out.

Brakes from time to time need replacement. The factors that affect the wear of your brakes includes:

  1. Driving habits
  2. Operational conditions
  3. Car type
  4. The quality of brake lining.

Avoid letting your brakes get to the “metal-to-metal” point as this could mean spending big on the rotor and/or drum replacement. All this comes with lots of love from Jumia Car


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