For First-timers: 7 Tips For Selling Your Car

When you’ve finally made the decision to part ways with your first love, it’s important to know the ins and outs of selling your car. Read on to find out how these 7 tips can get you the most value for your first car sale!

  1. Clean out your car. You’d be surprised what a difference this makes to the value of your car. And we’re not talking just a basic sweep through. Get a professional detailing job. It may set you back a couple thousands of Naira, but your car will be valued much higher after taking this easy step.
  2. Fix major problems. Are there major cosmetic or mechanical problems that are affecting the way your car drives? If you have bald tires, broken lights or side mirrors, you  should consider fixing these before listing your car for sale. For the more expensive repairs, it is advisable to consider the cost of the repair against the added resale value. The general rule of thumb is that newer cars will fetch you more value for money in the long run than the cost of repairs on an older car.
  3. Make sure the price is right. You can easily determine your car’s value by a quick and fair assessment of the repairs, and the current condition of your car. A quick online search will also enable you to compare your price with that of other sellers with the same or similar car model as yours.
  4. Following up-that’s a major key. Once you list your car for sale, you can be sure you will get a barrage of emails, calls or text messages. Even if you don’t, it is very important to follow up with each one. Respond within forty-eight hours and get the buyer’s name and contact information. Be sure to highlight your car’s selling point, but don’t oversell, AKA, NO PACKAGING! Encourage your customer to come for an inspection and possibly a test drive.
  5. Safety first-meet in public. This may seem very basic, but it’s very important. If you’ve arranged for a test drive, always opt for meeting the shopper at a public place and during the day. A mall or a public parking lot will do, and if possible or necessary bring a friend or family member along.
  6. Get your paperwork in formation. In preparation of selling your car, make copies of your car title and all other important documents. It is also a good idea to make a checklist of your car service and repair records accompanied with receipts. This give you credibility and puts your potential buyer at ease. Provide a bill of sale which should clearly state the purchase of your car, date of sale, vehicle identification number, the names and signatures of the buyer and seller and lastly, a description of the car.
  7. 419 proof your sale. We would be remiss not to mention this final point. Beware of customers who only want to communicate via email. Make sure you deal with any interested party face-to-face. If you can, only agree to transfer the car title once the check has cleared or the cash has been received in full.

Were these tips helpful? Share some of the tips you’ve used to prepare your car for sale!

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