Baby and the Boa


He has done for me! He has done for me!

What my father cannot do, He has done for me.

That is the usual chorus my wife always goes with anytime we embark on our compulsory August thanksgiving at the church we attend especially after surviving a ghastly motor accident which also involved our 6month old baby. That was three years ago. The very obvious scar on my wife’s left cheek is always a reminder of God’s kindness and also of that very terrible day.

I was driving to the eastern part of the country from Lagos in my new Kia Sportage. Actually, it isn’t brand new. I got it from a friend who was living the country and it’s still very sharp. I had my wife with me and 6-month old Lizzy (my little princess) whom I had carefully strapped into her car baby seat. I did that anytime we had to stop for her to feed. We were already about exiting the popular Ore town which usually has bad spots. I cleared the spots with little or no skin pain until the unexpected happened. A car ahead on high speed suddenly lost control. I am pretty sure one of its tyres pulled off because a tyre kept rolling about dangerously and drivers kept dodging it until it came to my turn. I am a fan of the fast and furious movie, I dodged too. I can’t say the same for the truck driver coming behind. For some reason I still haven’t understood, his truck ran over the tyre and suddenly gained momentum. The momentum kept building and the driver began to honk his horn heavily. I tried my best to get out of his way but he caught my rear and that threw my car off balance and sent the car somersaulting. The only thing I took notice of was the time before the first somersault. It was 12:23p.m. I was not aware anything much until when I opened my eyes again. All glasses were shattered. I had some cuts. Not too serious. I looked at my wife. She wasn’t moving. Her face was bloody. I checked her for a pulse and I found it. I looked back to find my little princess no more. She wasn’t in the vehicle. Her belts all broken. How? I then looked at the time. It was 11:50a.m I can’t believe it’s been a whole 27minutes gone. I was beginning to freak out. I struggled out of the car to find my way back to the road. It was then I noticed we landed in a ditch. No wonder nobody has come to our rescue. I got to the road but what I saw seemed more ghastly than what I was in. I didn’t even know who to turn to. Everyone available seemed more clueless than I was. I ran back to my car to check on my wife. I checked for serious injuries but only found cuts on her face. She was held in place by her seat belt. I took out my handkerchief and tied it around the wound that seemed deepest. I then tried waking her. She only moved with some pain and had to just hope she doesn’t have any internal injuries. I turn around to look for traces of my baby. I saw her head warmer not so far away and a bit of her dress on a little bit of wood. It was stained with blood. Not so much but something significant. I ran in further along the ditch and I could hear my baby chuckle and giggle not so far off. I moved closer to see the biggest shocker of my entire 30 years. My baby girl has comfortably placed on the body of a boa. Yes it’s a boa constrictor. I have seen it on Nat Geo Wild. I did not expect to see it with my baby. I could not shout or talk or move. I could only feel tears run down my cheeks. My little princess, snake snack. In utmost doubt, I could see both human baby and snake playing. The only thing that came out my mouth was “Lord, please save my baby”. As if the boa heard it, it looked in my direction, hissed twice. It then looked at my baby and did the same too before moving its lengthy body in a manner that let my baby down lightly and carefully. She tried to crawl. It was her first attempt to crawl and for what reason? Her Snake friend? NOOOOOO! I can’t allow that. I rushed and picked her up and ran away to get my wife. I could see my wife moving as I approached the car. I got to her and all she could ask was where her baby is. I showed her the baby then tried getting her out of the car. She could still walk. I couldn’t tell her anything about what I have seen even till this present time.

Sometimes I keep wondering and thinking. What actually happened? Does that explain why Lizzy doesn’t get scared of crawling creatures on TV just the way other children of her age do?

How is it possible that an attempt to swallow her wasn’t carried out? All these question keep bugging me. I know God has been greatly involved but I still need more humanly possible answers. My family doesn’t know till now. I just had to voice out somewhere.

What do you think really happened?


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