Oga, No be ₦ 50?


Jones! Jones!! Jones!!! These were the words spilling out of the Keke Maruwa (Tricycle) driver, distracting every passers-by with his loud voice on a clumsy Monday morning in Lagos. I had stood by the roadside for almost 20 minutes waiting, fidgeting on the spot, eyes focused on every Keke that passed by like I could go blind if my eyes missed a sight of the vehicle. So you can imagine how I jumped at the sight of the oncoming Keke that was screaming Jones. Continue reading “Oga, No be ₦ 50?”


Don’t Forget, Make it Extra Spicy


Lord please have mercy on me!
Lord please let me not be a victim of such circumstance!
I also promise never to act like I know when I don’t know.

These were the words I kept repeating on the way home. I was in trouble. An avoidable one for that matter. All because I did not want to be seen as a novice. I was sweating heavily. I think I was the only one sweating in the bus because some were complaining about the wind getting in. Continue reading “Don’t Forget, Make it Extra Spicy”