Here’s how you can save your company car fleet some money



Having the time and resources to manage and track every fleet transaction on a daily basis is quite a difficult task for many businesses and organizations to accomplish. In addition, getting an organization to take care of these details while you focus on your core business gives room for more efficiency and productivity.

We know this at Award Winning Rosabon Financial Services, hence our affordable Operating Lease and fleet management services designed to suit the size and budget of your company’s desired fleet, giving you the opportunity to focus on what matters most -your business.

Whether you operate a fleet of 20 or 2000, our expert team is available to develop, implement and maintain a fleet cost management program that will achieve both your financial and operational goals as our dedicated teams of fleet management experts are constantly working with you to find ways to save your business money.

Rosabon takes care of all acquisition processes and expenses (maintenance, drivers, fueling, trackers, and insurance) getting the whole fleet for your business use, while your company pays an affordable amount on a monthly basis. Our operating lease is a cost-effective alternative that allows you transfer the value of your fleet off your balance sheet.

Another distinguishing feature of our Operating Lease is that Rosabon assumes all residual value risk on these vehicles, releasing clients from the largest                                                                                                                                                                  single source of uncertainty in operating their fleet.

This eliminates the issue of depreciating vehicle assets from your businesses. As the lease nears its expiration date, clients can simply choose to upgrade to newer models, extend your lease or return the vehicles for disposal (to be taken care of by Rosabon).   

For over 24 years, Rosabon Financial Services has operated in the major cities in Nigeria, helping companies such as Huawei, Exxon Mobil, Ericsson, Transocean Sedco Forex, Oando Plc, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Nigerian-German Chemicals Plc in this regard by leveraging current systems and infrastructure to manage their fleet day in day out.

With us you can be confident that every aspect of your fleet is being operated in the most efficient way possible. For more information, log on to , send a mail to  or call us on +2348150880038, +2348150880039

How To Buy The Right Battery For Your Car


Your car battery isn’t something that should give you a lot of sleepless nights, but when it does, it’s often very frustrating. This is more likely to happen when you buy a pre-owed car. The battery of an older car is often a mystery as you may never truly know what the previous owner has done with the car or it’s battery. It’s even possible that your newly purchased pre-owned car may not have the right battery in it. Here’s how you can prevent tears and waste of money by purchasing the right battery for your car.

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You Deserve A Stress Free Life, What’s Stopping You?

road-traffic-car-businessOwning a car definitely relieves you of some of life’s numerous stresses, but acquiring one, whether used or brand new isn’t cheap at all! Not with the way things are going in this country. While some people have that money sitting pretty in their account, for others, affording a vehicle  in this current economic situation is like bringing out water from a rock if not worse. Continue reading “You Deserve A Stress Free Life, What’s Stopping You?”

Here’s How You Can Track Every Movement Of Your Car


If you own a personal car which is usually in the care of a driver, a fleet of vehicle for company use, or trucks for transporting goods, you have probably wondered just how your drivers behave when they are in possession of your vehicles. We wonder no more, this could be your solution.

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5 Tips For Driving Safely In The Rain


Raining season in Nigeria is no joke! It’s almost as if the country comes to a halt when it rains. Traffic becomes worst, DSTV starts acting up, even your cellphone reception becomes shoddy. Some might say, this is the best time to curl up in a ball and watch a good movie ’til you fall asleep. But if you’re like the rest of us unlucky people, and have to get work done then you’ll probably still need to drive around and run errands in during these heavy downpours. Here are 5 important tips to keep you dafe while you drive in the rain.

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How to choose between Diesel or a petrol car


Most times when you’re faced with the decision to buy a car, it’s usually dependent on a couple factors, price being the most common factor. But how about engine type? Have you ever been faced with the choice of a diesel engine vs a petrol engine and was just stumped? Here’s the break down of what you’re getting with either option.  Continue reading “How to choose between Diesel or a petrol car”