6 Most Dependable Automobiles


5 things you didn’t know about your tires


Your tires are arguably one of the most important components of your car. A faulty tire could spell a lot of problems for not only your safety on the road, but the safety of other roads users. But what could be worse than a faulty or worn out tire though? How about owners with an array of misconceptions about tires. Jumia Car is sharing 5 important things you probably didn’t know about your tires.

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Here’s how you can save your company car fleet some money




Having the time and resources to manage and track every fleet transaction on a daily basis is quite a difficult task for many businesses and organizations to accomplish. In addition, getting an organization to take care of these details while you focus on your core business gives room for more efficiency and productivity.

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How To Buy The Right Battery For Your Car


Your car battery isn’t something that should give you a lot of sleepless nights, but when it does, it’s often very frustrating. This is more likely to happen when you buy a pre-owed car. The battery of an older car is often a mystery as you may never truly know what the previous owner has done with the car or it’s battery. It’s even possible that your newly purchased pre-owned car may not have the right battery in it. Here’s how you can prevent tears and waste of money by purchasing the right battery for your car.

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You Deserve A Stress Free Life, What’s Stopping You?

road-traffic-car-businessOwning a car definitely relieves you of some of life’s numerous stresses, but acquiring one, whether used or brand new isn’t cheap at all! Not with the way things are going in this country. While some people have that money sitting pretty in their account, for others, affording a vehicle  in this current economic situation is like bringing out water from a rock if not worse. Continue reading “You Deserve A Stress Free Life, What’s Stopping You?”

Here’s How You Can Track Every Movement Of Your Car


If you own a personal car which is usually in the care of a driver, a fleet of vehicle for company use, or trucks for transporting goods, you have probably wondered just how your drivers behave when they are in possession of your vehicles. We wonder no more, this could be your solution.

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